3 Reasons Why a Social Media Marketing Agency Will be Beneficial for You in 2019

Social media marketing is relatively still a new concept to some people, but with savvy and trendy business owners they already have been utilizing the potential of social media to boost their business online for awhile now.


If you’re a business owner, or an entrepreneur who’s starting to develop a business  system to launch in 2019, you need to make sure you have availability to work or money set to the side to hire someone to do social media marketing for your brand.


I think its pretty obvious that social media isn’t going anywhere. If anything it’ll grow bigger and be more available to everyone than it already is.


My prediction of social media marketing is that all businesses will be doing it and soon lean away from traditional marketing tactics such as paid tv ads or even radio ads.


It doesn’t make sense for a startup business to put their marketing budget towards tv ads or radio ads because why spend all that money for your ad to land on someone’s tv who for sure will not even think about your product or service.


Think about that. Think about every tv ad or radio ad you heard where you didn’t even take the time to think about the business or brand.


On top of that, those businesses probably spent hundreds or thousands of dollars for that ad campaign, to land where?


In front of people who literally don’t care about what you have to offer.


Why would you even want to try that…


Talk about a risky investment that may land you a handful of clients on a good day. MAYBE!


Where’s the sense in that??


Make a commercial and just pray that it gets your leads?


Now what if I told you, you can specifically target and aim your ad towards a certain audience who enjoys or loves that specific niche your business is in?


Hopefully it already sounds like a better setup because think about it…


You can launch ad campaigns to people who you know, already enjoys that area of subject where your product or service lands in…


To be more specific about the process of social media marketing, you can target actual people based upon interests, life events, behavior online, and even more!


You might ask yourself how do you even get that information?


Well, Facebook in particular has an algorithm that follows peoples likes and interests through the social platform, and from there they have an advertisement platform where you can develop an ad campaign and use your marketing budget towards targeting people who are most applicable for your product or service.


For example, if I was an artist in the hip-hop genre, I would place interests like specific hip-hop artists to who may resemble my style or flow. Or maybe more broad as to interests being hip-hop.


It can be that simple/broad, or much more specific depending on your goals for your campaign.


You still following with me?


You can create an ad campaign to people who already express an interest within that community your business is trying to tap into.


That’s huge!


You cant do that with ANY style of traditional marketing. I’ll wait here and let you think of a traditional marketing tactic to where you can be that specific to who will see your ad.


Your marketing dollars will go straight to people who have a higher percentage to being engaged or intrigued to try your product or service!


You aren’t going to just blindly put money into an ad campaign that will get you nowhere, with social media marketing you can expect to see results with proper execution.


Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Pinterest, Twitter is going to be huge in 2019!


Don’t get me wrong, its already very relevant, but trust me when I say, if you aren’t doing any sort of social media marketing for your business in 2019 I guarantee you will regret it in the future.


Why wouldn’t you want to tap into a market that is still new, but already has given businesses or lots of people results that have changed their route forever in a positive outcome!


Don’t you want the best for your business?


Wouldn’t you enjoy knowing that your advertising money is in good use?


As a millennial myself, when people don’t see or refuse to understand the power of social media and what it can do for your business, honestly I just laugh…


How can you say a social platform that has literally almost everyone you know, and even yourself participating online everyday isn’t going to benefit your business?


Millions of people around the world are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest every freaking day!


Most people can’t even put their phones down and stay off of social media for a little bit.


Every time someone picks up their phone and goes on to social media to check out their feed, imagine your ad right there on their feed and they just were thinking about a service or product just like yours, but yours happens to be ready for them right there to check it out.


Boom, they click on your ad and soon check out your website. They see you have a small offering for them that wont cost them any money expect their email information.


You my friend just got a lead for your business. Its that easy of a concept.


Now don’t get me wrong, social media marketing takes more skill and knowledge when deploying ad campaigns.


Going for it because you think its easy, can have you losing a lot of money, quickly.


So what I would suggest is finding a mentor, consultant, or an agency that can deploy ad campaigns and highly execute for your business model.


All in all, social media marketing will be the new trend for all businesses in 2019. Soon its going to be so common and regular for you to see social media advertising you’ll wish you jumped on the band wagon years ago.


You could argue that social media marketing helps a business in multiple areas, but for this blog post I want to discuss in my opinion what social media can do immediately to help any business.


  1. Creating a Source of Traffic = Brand Awareness


When your business has a campaign running on any social media, that’s considered a source which people can go to your website and possibly become a lead.


Getting people to your website is honestly the hardest thing in the online world.


You can scream and shout all you want, but people aren’t always going to show up at your door ready for your service.


Social media marketing smooth’s out that process. It accelerates the potential for your business by getting your name out there and showing people you exist.




  1. Helps Your Business Generate More Leads


Whenever someone goes to your website and places their contact information, that my friend is a lead for your business.


You can use their email and all the other emails you have and develop/deploy an email campaign, but that’s for a whole other blog post. I don’t want to make things too confusing here.


If you received their phone number, you can have your sales team call that lead within minutes of sign up and convert that lead into a paying customer!


All meanwhile you got that lead from doing whatever else you were doing at the time. You weren’t hunting for that lead or going door to door asking if they want your service.


You got that lead because that person who put their contact information in your site is genuinely interested in your product or service!


Do you like where I’m getting at with social media marketing?


Are you starting to see the potential powers social media marketing has?


Now I’m not saying its that easy to get a lead, there’s tactics and strategies you can use to generate leads.


You have to entice the user; you need to give some sort of immediate value in order for them to give their information to you. Let them know you know your sh**.


By doing that, it will give that potential lead confidence about your service or product and will be more likely to do business with you in the long run.


Now personally my favorite reason for social media marketing is…


  1. Advertise to Anyone All Over the Nation!


If your service can help anyone all over the nation and your physically do not have to be there in order to give them results, social media marketing is literally perfect for you!


In all seriousness though, why would you keep your business advertising locally when you can tap into that same audience across the nation?


You know how many people around the nation can enjoy your services?


That increases your chances for success in all levels!


If you’re a sales person or enjoy having more clients for your business, then this should make you excited.


Getting your brand/business in the eyes of people who will like your product or service is amazing. In todays society the potential is amazing!


Social media marketing allows you to increase your chances for more business by simply keeping your advertising dollars specifically for people that pertains to your audience.


All over the nation!


The power of the internet and the ability to advertise to people specifically is amazing. You weren’t able to do that in the 90s, early 2000s or even like ten years ago.


Facebook marketing has elevated so significantly that there’s businesses literally modeling around the skill set, because we know as social media marketing agencies the power of potential social media marketing can do for your business!




All in all, I’m hoping after reading this blog post and educating yourself a little bit on what social media marketing can do for you made you a little more excited for what the future holds.


Everything that I want you to take home with social media marketing is;


The fact that you can advertise all over the nation or even the world!


Builds/accelerates your brand awareness 10X!


Generate leads passively online while you get to craft your skills and keep building your business instead of focusing on prospecting day in and day out.


Social media marketing is here to stay, ESPECIALLY in 2019!


Expect to see major businesses and brands rely on social media marketing alone for their advertising budgets and expand their business online!


Interested in seeing what website designs that can help boost your digital marketing? 

2019 Trendy Website Designs


2019 is coming right around the corner!


You’re a business owner or looking to enter the game of entrepreneurship and hopefully you’re aware that a website is a must in todays society.


There’s many different hosting services or people that can develop your website. If you don’t know exactly what designs or how you want your website to flow, then hopefully I can help you today!


The design of your website can be very important. Depending on your niche, you can notice a slight trend within that industry for overall website appearance.

Now you want to question yourself here, do you want a website like everyone else? Or do you want a website that helps you sell your services online?


Think of your website as an employee for your business. As a salesman for your business, someone who is a selling machine and everyone who arrives in front of that salesman tends to buy your service.


That’s what your website is. A top tier salesman who eats, sleeps, sales all day long. Even when you’re in bed sleeping or on a vacation in Bali, Indonesia.


Seriously though, take your website as something that will generate you more customers and traffic to your business that will convert into $$$.


There are many website designers out there that can help create an awesome website for your brand and make it look super techy and inviting!


But are those websites going to convert traffic into more customers for you?

That’s where we as a company differ from your typical developers. We have sales in mind 24/7.


Granted we love designing websites and handling the back end of online works, but we know the biggest thing that keeps businesses alive and that’s consistent leads every month!


As former sales contractors we understand the wording or tonalities you need throughout your website to make people want your product and of course trust your service from just viewing your website alone!


Having people trust your brand right off the bat isn’t easy, but its totally possible with a little hard work and determination.

First thing you’re going to handle is the overall design. There’s lots of different templates and styles to build your website around.


Most templates contain a lot of areas to place pictures and/or videos on your sites homepage.


Flat designs for websites are becoming very popular, but technically started in 2017. A lot of websites are leaning towards the flat and minimal design due to the overall speed and look of a website.


For example, if you want some ideas for websites, look at Apples website, social media platforms you use or even the top websites on the internet!


Almost every website that you’ll see that I just stated above has a flat and minimal design. If you don’t believe me then go look yourself!

One of the main reasons for the flat design is for loading speed and mobile optimization.


Google loves when your site is up to speed with the other faster optimized websites because like we talked about in a previous blog about SEO, Google is all about making the user experience better!

So to optimize your website for speed, you want your site to not have tons of pictures or videos right when you land on it.


A lot of pictures can slow your website down and make the mobile version load tremendously slow which will make such a bad impression for any mobile user.


A clean minimal design not only helps with overall look of the site, but it also helps making your site faster and up to date with current SEO tactics!


Minimal is very trendy as is, and 2019 is predicted to be another year full of minimalism! Not only is it good to stay trendy with online work, but it’ll even increase your chances of converting your visitors.


With a minimal design, you will be able to convince, add emotion, strike empathy within your readers by making a sales funnel.


Some web designers are even predicting that a one-page website might start to be a trend due to making it have a super fast loading speed.

A one-page website is a sales funnel dream!


Having copy write all throughout your page that hooks readers almost immediately is a sales persons and a savvy business owners one stop shop for visitors.


As of right now, having a site with multiple pages such as; about us, FAQs, contact us, a blog roll, and more helps with SEO because it adds substance to your website.


It makes Google think you have valuable information within your website for users to enjoy.


Creating a sales funnel can be difficult if you’ve never researched the term or looked into the potential a sales funnel can have for your website.


The main reason it can be difficult for many people is because you preferably want some sort of sales background. That way you’ll be able to create a series of lines or information that will persuade your reader to be an on going customer.

You don’t want to be super descriptive or super technical depending on your business model. It can confuse readers and make them feel intimidated upon arriving to your site.


For example, on our homepage for streamline-digital.com we have a very simple outline of the overall outer picture for what we can do to help your business.


It gives readers an immediate understanding of what we do/can do for them.

The average attention span for people on the internet now is about 3 seconds…


If someone can’t understand within the first 3 seconds of what you do on your website, then they will leave and remember not to come back because they literally don’t know what you do.

My favorite motto, Keep It Simple Stupid!


Even with your website!


In the sales game there’s moments you need to shut up and not say a word. Think of your site like that.


Once you stated what you need to say, leave it at that! Just make sure its gripping and intriguing for the reader, and that’s it!


When there’s too much jargon or over done text within your site, people will get bored and stop reading if they aren’t intrigued. Keep in mind we have an attention span for less than 3 seconds!


Keep the text from being cluttered and jumbled on your site. Make it very clear and easy for anyone to read.

Designing a website around a sales funnel can be a lot easier too.


There’s not going to be too much to do because you will mainly focus on converting visitors and not making it look like a crazy pleasing website.

Think of things that will help make you money, sales funnels will help make you money.


Fun pictures and cool looking animations wont necessarily make you money.


Enticing text and overall emotion of your site will.


If you start designing your new business or existing business website to a sales funnel, and you have a source of traffic to your site then you will soon start to see conversions take place!


If you have any questions about how to make a better sales funnel or what type of wording you should use for your site, feel free to contact me by emailing info@streamline-digital.com

SEO & Why Everyone with a Business Needs to Do It!

SEO Blog post

Its 2018, well actually almost 2019!

If you don’t have a website and social media set up for your business, then well in todays society are you truly a business minded person?

The times are changing and if you don’t see the opportunity everyone has in their hands with the online world then you need to revaluate what you’re doing for your business.

We live in a social world, in a highly technological world where everyone has a computer and access to the internet daily.

When you’re looking up something that you want to learn or see it before going, where do you go to first on your phone or computer?

Hopefully your answer is Google! Everyone uses Google to find websites or information on a business, restaurant or simply to find information to learn something new!

Now I have a question for you…

Do you understand or know how POWERFUL it is to have your website on Google? ESPECIALLY the FIRST page of Google!

Its tremendous!

It’ll take a broke unwanted website from one to maybe ten visitors a month to having a website where thousands, that’s right thousands of people come to each month.

Now is that something you want for your website?

To have people all over the nation know your business and/or name?

I freaking hope you’re agreeing with me because if not, then you need a time traveling machine to take you back to where the internet wasn’t even a thought.

In all seriousness though, if you want YOUR business to really be successful and have customers coming in from all over, and having a passive lead generating website then its time to learn or understand the potential of the internet!

Google, the mecca of search engines.

A website that is used by millions of people all over the world. A website that was created to enhance the user experience when using the internet.

Google not only is in the “online game” for themselves, but to help you as well.

Google isn’t some magical search engine where they place sites that “they think” will be the best according to what you search.

They match your search to websites that they believe will solve your problem or make the user experience better.

Now think about that?

How can your website help the user experience within your niche?

Are you giving value by conducting blogs or videos for people to learn?

Are you solving a problem with your service or product?

Any website that has a lot of information or things to help someone in any way to make the experience better, Google LOVES IT!

Now I want you to think about that a little bit before reading on…

Ask yourself, “How can I make my website a better overall user experience?

Google is a game. Seriously though, it’s a massive puzzle of a search engine and anyone can solve it!

There’s many different aspects that’ll advance your website to grow in the ranks of Google.

A huge factor in that is keywords.

Especially long-tailed keywords!

A keyword is a word that is of great context & significance to your audience/niche of your business.

For example, if you own a Leggings brand that sells apparel in the fitness niche, you wouldn’t use keywords on your site that pertains to camping or fishing.

It doesn’t add up, its as simple as that!

Long-tailed keywords are more than one word or phrase, such as “how to hook bait on a fishing hook”. That’s a long tail keyword, where as a short keyword would be “bait for fishing”.

Long-tailed keywords are going to increase your chances of landing more traffic to your site because its more specific and you can get people who are looking for an immediate answer.

Now when you come up with the keywords you think will be best to use for your site, you will place them in your about us page, home page, landing page and even within your sales funnel.

Now before you start to edit your site, you have to make sure you aren’t spamming the keywords either.

Google can pick up on sites that are spamming keywords and they’ll simply lower your rank because it understands you’re doing it for the wrong reasons; to spam the user experience.

That being said, not only do you want to place the keywords on your site and within the pages of your site, but you also want to place the keywords in your tittle tags and meta description.

You can find both of those within the hosting servers for your website.

If you have someone in charge for your website, then you should double check or look over your website to see if there’s a consistent amount of keywords.

If there isn’t, then you need to find someone else to manage your website to maximize search engine optimization.

There’s a saying that flies around the SEO world, if you ever want to hide a dead body, you can always put it on the second page of google because no one will look for it there.

Same goes for your website!

Once your website lands one of the ten spots on the first page of google then you will see a serious change in the amount of traffic each month!

Now its not going to happen over night…

So let’s make that clear here.

Search engine optimization is going to take at least a month to three months before you see a significant change in traffic.

So its definitely something you need to be consistent with everyday!

But once you do reach and slowly increase your rank on Google, you will be so thankful you either took the time to do it yourself, or hired an expert in the field to do it for you!


For advanced tips and tools to use when figuring out what keywords to use – value blog COMING SOON!

#1 Reason Why Social Media Agencies FAIL

Most social media agencies consist of very skilled salesman and hard working entrepreneurs.

Most digital marketing agencies tend to be successful right off the bat with landing 1 to 2 clients their first month.

Given a marketing strategy and skills for social media, they forget about the specific ingredient every agency needs in order to survive for the long haul. The main ingredient… CONTENT.

With the best marketing tactics and the top of the line programs/tools for your business will only take you so far until you realize you need content in order to begin a successful campaign.

A great caption, the best hashtags and posting at the right time will only get you so far in todays social media world.

Its hard to stand out in todays society online when you don’t have anything to stand out with.

The typical human being online has the attention span of a gold fish and maybe that’s on the better end…

All in all, you can’t rely on thinking that everyone will just read what you have to say no matter what the post is.

If the content is below average quality, then you’ll receive below average results with engagement.

A true marketer in 2018 knows that great content is the key to making a campaign great.

Whether it be a video or a high quality picture, it’s a must that the content you choose to post is your best work.

Showing your audience that your content is unique and not someone else’s work will give a genuine and a personal feel towards your audience which in return will give instant gratification with engagement.

When developing content, you want to make sure that your content is valuable to your brand/business.

If your content is just like all the other content on social media, then your work will not stand out causing frustration. Great content means making it relevant to your audience and showing them what they want. And that is why you’ll see that great social media accounts also have a niche or category if you will. Meaning that an extreme sports account will post great videos and photos of athletes doing awesome moves because their followers expect it. If you were to follow an account like that, you would expect only great action shots. Then you’d be excited to see more content because you’re someone that wants to see extreme sports and that’s is exactly what the account is posting.

Content is the key to a strong social media presence. For example, if you’ve ever seen the Instagram account for Red Bull they constantly post amazing content everyday.

With each post, they create more chances for people to see their brand.

So if your content is valuable and unique to the eye, more eyes will be more inclined to view your post creating free marketing for your brand.

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3 Tips To Get More Engagement on Instagram in 3 Days

Get That Engagement!

If you’re a business owner looking to improve your social media, you’re in the right place! Engagement is very important to getting your content viewed and here are some tips on how you can do it.

  1. LIKE LIKE LIKE! Once you’ve created an account on Instagram make sure to figure out what type of feed/audience you’d like to engage with. From there, you can start by going to the search tab that looks like a magnifying glass and begin liking all pictures/videos you think is relevant to your audience. There really isn’t a specific number of likes you should do on a daily basis, but make sure to make it a habit for at least a week to get your Instagram algorithm on the right track. DO NOT SPAM like every picture you see! Instagram will notice that you are spamming to get more likes and the algorithm will actually block you if you seem not human. If you like a lot of pictures, make sure the pictures or videos are related to the same genre. Once you start liking things that aren’t organic to your interests, your algorithm will then be all out of whack and perform worst than expected.
  1. COMMENT LIKE A BOSS! This is a big tip many people forget to do, well because you’ll simply have to put yourself out there a little bit. When commenting on peoples posts, make sure its an account that is a human. You don’t want to comment on accounts that only repost peoples content. Make sure it’s a real human and you can tell its his/her pic and once you comment, they more than likely will comment back with a “thank you” and a like. Sometimes they’ll even like some of your pics in return! For your comments they don’t have to be super in depth, but they don’t also want to be plain and boring. For example, if you’re really into photography and you really like a photo of someone’s, leave a comment that says “Amazing shot! Love the angles you got here” and make sure to throw a couple emojis in as well in order to stand out from the other comments. Leaving comments will get your name out there as well as your content!
  1. HASHTAGS & MORE HASHTAGS! Every post you create for social media needs hashtags (Facebook is the only exemption)! On social media, hashtags will push your posts to people who either follow those hashtags or place your post on peoples feeds that the algorithm believes will like to see your post. Hashtags can be created very easily, but finding the right hashtags to use maybe a little more difficult to find. There are apps you can use to develop hashtags for your post, on or in the app store, search hashtag generator and choose the app you feel will best suit your needs. Once you find the hashtags that are most applicable to your post, copy and paste those hashtags either in your comments or right below your caption depending on your personal interest on the way it looks. The good news behind hashtags, is that you get up to three times you can change them allowing you to possibly get more engagement even though you posted it days ago. Hashtags is the best way to get your content out to the people even when you have a small following. Something’s to note about hashtags, each post is allowed to get up to 30 hashtags and we highly suggest using all 30. Make sure not to spam the hashtags either, Instagram will realize your spamming and will actually block you from posting more hashtags on that post. Main advice is to use hashtags, but make sure to use the best applicable hashtags and to use all 30 available.