3 Reasons Why a Social Media Marketing Agency Will be Beneficial for You in 2019

Social media marketing is relatively still a new concept to some people, but with savvy and trendy business owners they already have been utilizing the potential of social media to boost their business online for awhile now.


If you’re a business owner, or an entrepreneur who’s starting to develop a business  system to launch in 2019, you need to make sure you have availability to work or money set to the side to hire someone to do social media marketing for your brand.


I think its pretty obvious that social media isn’t going anywhere. If anything it’ll grow bigger and be more available to everyone than it already is.


My prediction of social media marketing is that all businesses will be doing it and soon lean away from traditional marketing tactics such as paid tv ads or even radio ads.


It doesn’t make sense for a startup business to put their marketing budget towards tv ads or radio ads because why spend all that money for your ad to land on someone’s tv who for sure will not even think about your product or service.


Think about that. Think about every tv ad or radio ad you heard where you didn’t even take the time to think about the business or brand.


On top of that, those businesses probably spent hundreds or thousands of dollars for that ad campaign, to land where?


In front of people who literally don’t care about what you have to offer.


Why would you even want to try that…


Talk about a risky investment that may land you a handful of clients on a good day. MAYBE!


Where’s the sense in that??


Make a commercial and just pray that it gets your leads?


Now what if I told you, you can specifically target and aim your ad towards a certain audience who enjoys or loves that specific niche your business is in?


Hopefully it already sounds like a better setup because think about it…


You can launch ad campaigns to people who you know, already enjoys that area of subject where your product or service lands in…


To be more specific about the process of social media marketing, you can target actual people based upon interests, life events, behavior online, and even more!


You might ask yourself how do you even get that information?


Well, Facebook in particular has an algorithm that follows peoples likes and interests through the social platform, and from there they have an advertisement platform where you can develop an ad campaign and use your marketing budget towards targeting people who are most applicable for your product or service.


For example, if I was an artist in the hip-hop genre, I would place interests like specific hip-hop artists to who may resemble my style or flow. Or maybe more broad as to interests being hip-hop.


It can be that simple/broad, or much more specific depending on your goals for your campaign.


You still following with me?


You can create an ad campaign to people who already express an interest within that community your business is trying to tap into.


That’s huge!


You cant do that with ANY style of traditional marketing. I’ll wait here and let you think of a traditional marketing tactic to where you can be that specific to who will see your ad.


Your marketing dollars will go straight to people who have a higher percentage to being engaged or intrigued to try your product or service!


You aren’t going to just blindly put money into an ad campaign that will get you nowhere, with social media marketing you can expect to see results with proper execution.


Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Pinterest, Twitter is going to be huge in 2019!


Don’t get me wrong, its already very relevant, but trust me when I say, if you aren’t doing any sort of social media marketing for your business in 2019 I guarantee you will regret it in the future.


Why wouldn’t you want to tap into a market that is still new, but already has given businesses or lots of people results that have changed their route forever in a positive outcome!


Don’t you want the best for your business?


Wouldn’t you enjoy knowing that your advertising money is in good use?


As a millennial myself, when people don’t see or refuse to understand the power of social media and what it can do for your business, honestly I just laugh…


How can you say a social platform that has literally almost everyone you know, and even yourself participating online everyday isn’t going to benefit your business?


Millions of people around the world are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest every freaking day!


Most people can’t even put their phones down and stay off of social media for a little bit.


Every time someone picks up their phone and goes on to social media to check out their feed, imagine your ad right there on their feed and they just were thinking about a service or product just like yours, but yours happens to be ready for them right there to check it out.


Boom, they click on your ad and soon check out your website. They see you have a small offering for them that wont cost them any money expect their email information.


You my friend just got a lead for your business. Its that easy of a concept.


Now don’t get me wrong, social media marketing takes more skill and knowledge when deploying ad campaigns.


Going for it because you think its easy, can have you losing a lot of money, quickly.


So what I would suggest is finding a mentor, consultant, or an agency that can deploy ad campaigns and highly execute for your business model.


All in all, social media marketing will be the new trend for all businesses in 2019. Soon its going to be so common and regular for you to see social media advertising you’ll wish you jumped on the band wagon years ago.


You could argue that social media marketing helps a business in multiple areas, but for this blog post I want to discuss in my opinion what social media can do immediately to help any business.


  1. Creating a Source of Traffic = Brand Awareness


When your business has a campaign running on any social media, that’s considered a source which people can go to your website and possibly become a lead.


Getting people to your website is honestly the hardest thing in the online world.


You can scream and shout all you want, but people aren’t always going to show up at your door ready for your service.


Social media marketing smooth’s out that process. It accelerates the potential for your business by getting your name out there and showing people you exist.




  1. Helps Your Business Generate More Leads


Whenever someone goes to your website and places their contact information, that my friend is a lead for your business.


You can use their email and all the other emails you have and develop/deploy an email campaign, but that’s for a whole other blog post. I don’t want to make things too confusing here.


If you received their phone number, you can have your sales team call that lead within minutes of sign up and convert that lead into a paying customer!


All meanwhile you got that lead from doing whatever else you were doing at the time. You weren’t hunting for that lead or going door to door asking if they want your service.


You got that lead because that person who put their contact information in your site is genuinely interested in your product or service!


Do you like where I’m getting at with social media marketing?


Are you starting to see the potential powers social media marketing has?


Now I’m not saying its that easy to get a lead, there’s tactics and strategies you can use to generate leads.


You have to entice the user; you need to give some sort of immediate value in order for them to give their information to you. Let them know you know your sh**.


By doing that, it will give that potential lead confidence about your service or product and will be more likely to do business with you in the long run.


Now personally my favorite reason for social media marketing is…


  1. Advertise to Anyone All Over the Nation!


If your service can help anyone all over the nation and your physically do not have to be there in order to give them results, social media marketing is literally perfect for you!


In all seriousness though, why would you keep your business advertising locally when you can tap into that same audience across the nation?


You know how many people around the nation can enjoy your services?


That increases your chances for success in all levels!


If you’re a sales person or enjoy having more clients for your business, then this should make you excited.


Getting your brand/business in the eyes of people who will like your product or service is amazing. In todays society the potential is amazing!


Social media marketing allows you to increase your chances for more business by simply keeping your advertising dollars specifically for people that pertains to your audience.


All over the nation!


The power of the internet and the ability to advertise to people specifically is amazing. You weren’t able to do that in the 90s, early 2000s or even like ten years ago.


Facebook marketing has elevated so significantly that there’s businesses literally modeling around the skill set, because we know as social media marketing agencies the power of potential social media marketing can do for your business!




All in all, I’m hoping after reading this blog post and educating yourself a little bit on what social media marketing can do for you made you a little more excited for what the future holds.


Everything that I want you to take home with social media marketing is;


The fact that you can advertise all over the nation or even the world!


Builds/accelerates your brand awareness 10X!


Generate leads passively online while you get to craft your skills and keep building your business instead of focusing on prospecting day in and day out.


Social media marketing is here to stay, ESPECIALLY in 2019!


Expect to see major businesses and brands rely on social media marketing alone for their advertising budgets and expand their business online!


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