2019 Trendy Website Designs


2019 is coming right around the corner!


You’re a business owner or looking to enter the game of entrepreneurship and hopefully you’re aware that a website is a must in todays society.


There’s many different hosting services or people that can develop your website. If you don’t know exactly what designs or how you want your website to flow, then hopefully I can help you today!


The design of your website can be very important. Depending on your niche, you can notice a slight trend within that industry for overall website appearance.

Now you want to question yourself here, do you want a website like everyone else? Or do you want a website that helps you sell your services online?


Think of your website as an employee for your business. As a salesman for your business, someone who is a selling machine and everyone who arrives in front of that salesman tends to buy your service.


That’s what your website is. A top tier salesman who eats, sleeps, sales all day long. Even when you’re in bed sleeping or on a vacation in Bali, Indonesia.


Seriously though, take your website as something that will generate you more customers and traffic to your business that will convert into $$$.


There are many website designers out there that can help create an awesome website for your brand and make it look super techy and inviting!


But are those websites going to convert traffic into more customers for you?

That’s where we as a company differ from your typical developers. We have sales in mind 24/7.


Granted we love designing websites and handling the back end of online works, but we know the biggest thing that keeps businesses alive and that’s consistent leads every month!


As former sales contractors we understand the wording or tonalities you need throughout your website to make people want your product and of course trust your service from just viewing your website alone!


Having people trust your brand right off the bat isn’t easy, but its totally possible with a little hard work and determination.

First thing you’re going to handle is the overall design. There’s lots of different templates and styles to build your website around.


Most templates contain a lot of areas to place pictures and/or videos on your sites homepage.


Flat designs for websites are becoming very popular, but technically started in 2017. A lot of websites are leaning towards the flat and minimal design due to the overall speed and look of a website.


For example, if you want some ideas for websites, look at Apples website, social media platforms you use or even the top websites on the internet!


Almost every website that you’ll see that I just stated above has a flat and minimal design. If you don’t believe me then go look yourself!

One of the main reasons for the flat design is for loading speed and mobile optimization.


Google loves when your site is up to speed with the other faster optimized websites because like we talked about in a previous blog about SEO, Google is all about making the user experience better!

So to optimize your website for speed, you want your site to not have tons of pictures or videos right when you land on it.


A lot of pictures can slow your website down and make the mobile version load tremendously slow which will make such a bad impression for any mobile user.


A clean minimal design not only helps with overall look of the site, but it also helps making your site faster and up to date with current SEO tactics!


Minimal is very trendy as is, and 2019 is predicted to be another year full of minimalism! Not only is it good to stay trendy with online work, but it’ll even increase your chances of converting your visitors.


With a minimal design, you will be able to convince, add emotion, strike empathy within your readers by making a sales funnel.


Some web designers are even predicting that a one-page website might start to be a trend due to making it have a super fast loading speed.

A one-page website is a sales funnel dream!


Having copy write all throughout your page that hooks readers almost immediately is a sales persons and a savvy business owners one stop shop for visitors.


As of right now, having a site with multiple pages such as; about us, FAQs, contact us, a blog roll, and more helps with SEO because it adds substance to your website.


It makes Google think you have valuable information within your website for users to enjoy.


Creating a sales funnel can be difficult if you’ve never researched the term or looked into the potential a sales funnel can have for your website.


The main reason it can be difficult for many people is because you preferably want some sort of sales background. That way you’ll be able to create a series of lines or information that will persuade your reader to be an on going customer.

You don’t want to be super descriptive or super technical depending on your business model. It can confuse readers and make them feel intimidated upon arriving to your site.


For example, on our homepage for streamline-digital.com we have a very simple outline of the overall outer picture for what we can do to help your business.


It gives readers an immediate understanding of what we do/can do for them.

The average attention span for people on the internet now is about 3 seconds…


If someone can’t understand within the first 3 seconds of what you do on your website, then they will leave and remember not to come back because they literally don’t know what you do.

My favorite motto, Keep It Simple Stupid!


Even with your website!


In the sales game there’s moments you need to shut up and not say a word. Think of your site like that.


Once you stated what you need to say, leave it at that! Just make sure its gripping and intriguing for the reader, and that’s it!


When there’s too much jargon or over done text within your site, people will get bored and stop reading if they aren’t intrigued. Keep in mind we have an attention span for less than 3 seconds!


Keep the text from being cluttered and jumbled on your site. Make it very clear and easy for anyone to read.

Designing a website around a sales funnel can be a lot easier too.


There’s not going to be too much to do because you will mainly focus on converting visitors and not making it look like a crazy pleasing website.

Think of things that will help make you money, sales funnels will help make you money.


Fun pictures and cool looking animations wont necessarily make you money.


Enticing text and overall emotion of your site will.


If you start designing your new business or existing business website to a sales funnel, and you have a source of traffic to your site then you will soon start to see conversions take place!


If you have any questions about how to make a better sales funnel or what type of wording you should use for your site, feel free to contact me by emailing info@streamline-digital.com

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