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Its 2018, well actually almost 2019!

If you don’t have a website and social media set up for your business, then well in todays society are you truly a business minded person?

The times are changing and if you don’t see the opportunity everyone has in their hands with the online world then you need to revaluate what you’re doing for your business.

We live in a social world, in a highly technological world where everyone has a computer and access to the internet daily.

When you’re looking up something that you want to learn or see it before going, where do you go to first on your phone or computer?

Hopefully your answer is Google! Everyone uses Google to find websites or information on a business, restaurant or simply to find information to learn something new!

Now I have a question for you…

Do you understand or know how POWERFUL it is to have your website on Google? ESPECIALLY the FIRST page of Google!

Its tremendous!

It’ll take a broke unwanted website from one to maybe ten visitors a month to having a website where thousands, that’s right thousands of people come to each month.

Now is that something you want for your website?

To have people all over the nation know your business and/or name?

I freaking hope you’re agreeing with me because if not, then you need a time traveling machine to take you back to where the internet wasn’t even a thought.

In all seriousness though, if you want YOUR business to really be successful and have customers coming in from all over, and having a passive lead generating website then its time to learn or understand the potential of the internet!

Google, the mecca of search engines.

A website that is used by millions of people all over the world. A website that was created to enhance the user experience when using the internet.

Google not only is in the “online game” for themselves, but to help you as well.

Google isn’t some magical search engine where they place sites that “they think” will be the best according to what you search.

They match your search to websites that they believe will solve your problem or make the user experience better.

Now think about that?

How can your website help the user experience within your niche?

Are you giving value by conducting blogs or videos for people to learn?

Are you solving a problem with your service or product?

Any website that has a lot of information or things to help someone in any way to make the experience better, Google LOVES IT!

Now I want you to think about that a little bit before reading on…

Ask yourself, “How can I make my website a better overall user experience?

Google is a game. Seriously though, it’s a massive puzzle of a search engine and anyone can solve it!

There’s many different aspects that’ll advance your website to grow in the ranks of Google.

A huge factor in that is keywords.

Especially long-tailed keywords!

A keyword is a word that is of great context & significance to your audience/niche of your business.

For example, if you own a Leggings brand that sells apparel in the fitness niche, you wouldn’t use keywords on your site that pertains to camping or fishing.

It doesn’t add up, its as simple as that!

Long-tailed keywords are more than one word or phrase, such as “how to hook bait on a fishing hook”. That’s a long tail keyword, where as a short keyword would be “bait for fishing”.

Long-tailed keywords are going to increase your chances of landing more traffic to your site because its more specific and you can get people who are looking for an immediate answer.

Now when you come up with the keywords you think will be best to use for your site, you will place them in your about us page, home page, landing page and even within your sales funnel.

Now before you start to edit your site, you have to make sure you aren’t spamming the keywords either.

Google can pick up on sites that are spamming keywords and they’ll simply lower your rank because it understands you’re doing it for the wrong reasons; to spam the user experience.

That being said, not only do you want to place the keywords on your site and within the pages of your site, but you also want to place the keywords in your tittle tags and meta description.

You can find both of those within the hosting servers for your website.

If you have someone in charge for your website, then you should double check or look over your website to see if there’s a consistent amount of keywords.

If there isn’t, then you need to find someone else to manage your website to maximize search engine optimization.

There’s a saying that flies around the SEO world, if you ever want to hide a dead body, you can always put it on the second page of google because no one will look for it there.

Same goes for your website!

Once your website lands one of the ten spots on the first page of google then you will see a serious change in the amount of traffic each month!

Now its not going to happen over night…

So let’s make that clear here.

Search engine optimization is going to take at least a month to three months before you see a significant change in traffic.

So its definitely something you need to be consistent with everyday!

But once you do reach and slowly increase your rank on Google, you will be so thankful you either took the time to do it yourself, or hired an expert in the field to do it for you!


For advanced tips and tools to use when figuring out what keywords to use – value blog COMING SOON!

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