#1 Reason Why Social Media Agencies FAIL

Most social media agencies consist of very skilled salesman and hard working entrepreneurs.

Most digital marketing agencies tend to be successful right off the bat with landing 1 to 2 clients their first month.

Given a marketing strategy and skills for social media, they forget about the specific ingredient every agency needs in order to survive for the long haul. The main ingredient… CONTENT.

With the best marketing tactics and the top of the line programs/tools for your business will only take you so far until you realize you need content in order to begin a successful campaign.

A great caption, the best hashtags and posting at the right time will only get you so far in todays social media world.

Its hard to stand out in todays society online when you don’t have anything to stand out with.

The typical human being online has the attention span of a gold fish and maybe that’s on the better end…

All in all, you can’t rely on thinking that everyone will just read what you have to say no matter what the post is.

If the content is below average quality, then you’ll receive below average results with engagement.

A true marketer in 2018 knows that great content is the key to making a campaign great.

Whether it be a video or a high quality picture, it’s a must that the content you choose to post is your best work.

Showing your audience that your content is unique and not someone else’s work will give a genuine and a personal feel towards your audience which in return will give instant gratification with engagement.

When developing content, you want to make sure that your content is valuable to your brand/business.

If your content is just like all the other content on social media, then your work will not stand out causing frustration. Great content means making it relevant to your audience and showing them what they want. And that is why you’ll see that great social media accounts also have a niche or category if you will. Meaning that an extreme sports account will post great videos and photos of athletes doing awesome moves because their followers expect it. If you were to follow an account like that, you would expect only great action shots. Then you’d be excited to see more content because you’re someone that wants to see extreme sports and that’s is exactly what the account is posting.

Content is the key to a strong social media presence. For example, if you’ve ever seen the Instagram account for Red Bull they constantly post amazing content everyday.

With each post, they create more chances for people to see their brand.

So if your content is valuable and unique to the eye, more eyes will be more inclined to view your post creating free marketing for your brand.

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