3 Tips To Get More Engagement on Instagram in 3 Days

Get That Engagement!

If you’re a business owner looking to improve your social media, you’re in the right place! Engagement is very important to getting your content viewed and here are some tips on how you can do it.

  1. LIKE LIKE LIKE! Once you’ve created an account on Instagram make sure to figure out what type of feed/audience you’d like to engage with. From there, you can start by going to the search tab that looks like a magnifying glass and begin liking all pictures/videos you think is relevant to your audience. There really isn’t a specific number of likes you should do on a daily basis, but make sure to make it a habit for at least a week to get your Instagram algorithm on the right track. DO NOT SPAM like every picture you see! Instagram will notice that you are spamming to get more likes and the algorithm will actually block you if you seem not human. If you like a lot of pictures, make sure the pictures or videos are related to the same genre. Once you start liking things that aren’t organic to your interests, your algorithm will then be all out of whack and perform worst than expected.
  1. COMMENT LIKE A BOSS! This is a big tip many people forget to do, well because you’ll simply have to put yourself out there a little bit. When commenting on peoples posts, make sure its an account that is a human. You don’t want to comment on accounts that only repost peoples content. Make sure it’s a real human and you can tell its his/her pic and once you comment, they more than likely will comment back with a “thank you” and a like. Sometimes they’ll even like some of your pics in return! For your comments they don’t have to be super in depth, but they don’t also want to be plain and boring. For example, if you’re really into photography and you really like a photo of someone’s, leave a comment that says “Amazing shot! Love the angles you got here” and make sure to throw a couple emojis in as well in order to stand out from the other comments. Leaving comments will get your name out there as well as your content!
  1. HASHTAGS & MORE HASHTAGS! Every post you create for social media needs hashtags (Facebook is the only exemption)! On social media, hashtags will push your posts to people who either follow those hashtags or place your post on peoples feeds that the algorithm believes will like to see your post. Hashtags can be created very easily, but finding the right hashtags to use maybe a little more difficult to find. There are apps you can use to develop hashtags for your post, on or in the app store, search hashtag generator and choose the app you feel will best suit your needs. Once you find the hashtags that are most applicable to your post, copy and paste those hashtags either in your comments or right below your caption depending on your personal interest on the way it looks. The good news behind hashtags, is that you get up to three times you can change them allowing you to possibly get more engagement even though you posted it days ago. Hashtags is the best way to get your content out to the people even when you have a small following. Something’s to note about hashtags, each post is allowed to get up to 30 hashtags and we highly suggest using all 30. Make sure not to spam the hashtags either, Instagram will realize your spamming and will actually block you from posting more hashtags on that post. Main advice is to use hashtags, but make sure to use the best applicable hashtags and to use all 30 available.

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